This report of the seminar of the Alliances to Fight Poverty at Marseille will analyse the regulation mechanisms for the economy and social sectors. Market regulation proposals tend  to be inspired by privatization and deregulation practices of the financial sector. Regulation is about excluding bad practices. But we have to wonder: when we speak about regulation, are we talking about the market or about bad practices? What kind of market are we talking about?

You can download this report book for free: theMarketFriendorFoe

This report discusses the financial and the housing market and includes the following chapters:

The market, a social conquest ?! 

Markets and Resilience: a contradiction or a potential?

How can we democratise our economic system?

Ending a Fatal Addiction: Re-regulating Europe’s Financial Markets

The trend of liberalization in the new member states: The case of Latvia

How can social services work with the market?

Democratization of the market

To regulate or not to regulate? Or an economist’s dilemma

A syndicalist view on the democratization of the market

Housing, welfare and the market: an impossible combination?

Housing in Romania: It’s still crowded in here

The Housing Market – the necessity of regulation?

Regulation of housing in France

The market and housing: the necessity of regulation. The case of Spain

Housing, poverty and regulations in Scotland